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Vranjes Denture Clinic Talks Conventional Dentures in Ottawa

If you feel the implant option is not for you — whether you’re uncomfortable with surgery, concerned about the cost or simply accustomed to wearing complete dentures and happy with their function and aesthetics, we offer "conventional" dentures in Ottawa.

Non-Implant-Supported Full Dentures

For edentulous patients who choose not to have implants, we offer two different kinds of permanent complete dentures: standard and precision dentures. The main difference between the two involves the quality of the teeth. The teeth used for precision dentures are premium teeth, which are more durable than those of a standard denture.

As a rule, complete lower dentures are more mobile and more difficult to become accustomed to than complete upper dentures. To help make it easier to cope with complete lower dentures, we offer two products at an additional cost: soft lining and the Myoloc™ System by Winder Research.

Soft Lining

Permanent soft liners have been very popular with our patients who require complete lower dentures. The purpose of soft lining is to reduce the pressure on the lower jaw during chewing. A lower denture usually isn’t as stable as an upper denture, so patients tend to have more sore spots under the lower denture. Soft lining acts as a “shock absorber” to help reduce the sore spots under the lower denture, thus making your denture more comfortable. One disadvantage of the soft lining is that you may find it more difficult to clean than a conventional hard lining.

Myoloc™ System Immediate Mandibular Denture Stability

The purpose of the Myoloc™ System is to help give the lower denture more stability. It consists of two wires, which sit below the tongue but above the floor of the mouth in what is called a neutral zone. The action of the tongue sitting on the wires helps keep the dentures down. While implants provide much more stability, the Myoloc™ System helps offer more stability, especially to those with significant resorption on the lower ridge without surgery.

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