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Choices for Denture and Dental Implants in Ottawa

Permanent removal of teeth is sometimes one of the endgames of dental health. But there is nowhere that says that has to uncomfortable or unpleasant! At Vranjes Denture Clinic, we offer dental implants in Ottawa. Dental and denture implants are for those who have had or need to have every tooth removed on one or both of their arches. The field of implantology has made several advancements in this area, and now there are many treatment options with more stability and function than conventional dentures.

One of the advantages of dental implants is that they are very helpful in improving the stability of the lower denture. (This is the denture that people generally find they have more difficulty with, as opposed to the upper denture). The lower denture is secured by the dental implant, which means you can speak, bite, and chew as you would with your natural teeth. At Vranjes Denture Clinic, we are very proud to offer denture implants to Ottawa. Denture implants are also known as ‘implant dentures’ and ‘implant-supported dentures’.

How Do You Know if You Need Denture Implants?

Here are some basic prerequisites for needing an implant denture:

  • Your teeth have been removed, or need to be removed, on one or both of your arches

  • Your jawbone has finished growing

  • Your bone structure can support the implants, or you have bone that can be grafted to your jaw

  • Your oral tissue is in good health

  • You have no prior health conditions that will impede or affect your bones while healing

  • You cannot or will not wear conventional dentures

  • You wish to improve your speech

  • You are able to commit to the process, which can take several months

Does this sound like you? Then contact Vranjes Denture Clinic for a consultation!

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically attached to the jawbone and functions like a tooth root. Once that is implanted, our denturist will mount a replacement tooth or bridge onto the post. These implants offer more stability than dentures without these posts. Vranjes Denture Clinic offers a few options for denture implants in Ottawa, so be sure to read more or contact us if you need more information.

Option 1

Removable Implant on Locator®/Novaloc® Abutments
Having a removable overdenture with implants is the most affordable implant solution and the easiest to clean. The added stability and precision of the Locator®/Novaloc® abutments to seat your overdenture help protect the attachments from wear and damage. You will be able to easily remove your dentures, and the self-locating attachments allow you to put them back into proper position. This option involves a minimum of two implants for a lower denture and four on the upper ridges for an upper overdenture. A McGill study in 2000 concluded that the minimum standard of care for a patient needing complete dentures on implants should be a complete upper and a complete lower denture on two implants.

For this procedure, your denturist will place your dental implants and then adjust your existing denture or a temporary denture to fit over a healing cap. If appropriate, the temporary denture can be placed on the Locator® abutment for added stability. The healing process usually takes three months before your implants will be ready to be loaded with new dentures tailored to fit your Locator®/Novaloc® abutment system.


  • This is the least expensive implant solution
  • These dentures are easier to clean than fixed implant dentures
  • You’ll enjoy a much better fit and stability when compared with conventional dentures
  • Your dentures will be easier to remove and reseat

Option 2

Removable Denture on a Milled Titanium Bar
Vranjes Denture Clinic provides a second option for removable dentures on dental implants at our Ottawa clinic. A removable denture on a milled titanium bar is an affordable alternative to a fixed denture on implants that also gives the wearer a lightweight feel with high-quality strength. For this treatment, the implants are placed and usually buried but not loaded with your new denture right away. In the meantime, you’ll wear a transitional removable denture while the bone heals around your new implants. When your dental implants are fused and steady (usually within three to six months), we will fabricate your new dentures using a milled titanium bar, which acts as the framework to hold the upper and/or lower overdenture. The procedure can be done on four, five or six implants, and your denturist will discuss the appropriate choice for your individual condition and needs.


  • You’ll maintain your existing natural bone and minimize further bone loss due to bone stimulation
  • You’ll maintain your taste sensation with an upper denture that doesn’t cover your palate
  • You’ll be able to eat and speak more naturally
  • You’ll experience maximum denture stability and improved comfort
  • You’ll be able to remove your dentures for easier cleaning


  • Patients often experience difficulty with a transitional denture during the healing period 
  • Patients feel discouraged when the implants are not helping to stabilize the denture
  • You will need dental surgery to place the new implants
  • Bone grafting may be necessary if you have insufficient existing bone to hold the implants

Option 3

Straumann® Pro Arch

Vranjes Denture Clinic also offers the most recent innovation in dentures on dental implants in Ottawa — the Straumann® Pro Arch.
On the same day, you can now have:

  • All of your remaining teeth extracted, if necessary, on the upper or the lower arch
  • Full-arch rehabilitation with four implants 
  • Immediate function with a fixed temporary denture in place

This gives you the benefits of the time-saving initial treatment and having teeth all through the healing process, usually three to six months. When all of the implants have osseointegrated (fused with the jawbone), your denturist will fabricate your permanent fixed denture on a milled titanium bar that is included in the original price.


  • You go home with security and a sense of having your own teeth
  • No more waiting — the three-month healing period virtually vanishes now, as the implants can be put to use immediately
  • Having fixed dentures helps maintain existing natural bone and minimizes further loss, since bone stimulation occurs
  • If you’re already wearing complete dentures (especially complete upper dentures), fixed dentures will help restore taste sensation
  • This option allows for maximum denture stability


  • Cost
  • Fixed denture will be slightly harder to clean than a removable one

Book a Consultation to Learn More About Denture Implants
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Are you considering dentures as a solution to tooth loss or wanting to improve upon the dentures you already have? Let Vranjes Denture Clinic help you make a knowledgeable decision about dentures on dental implants at our Ottawa office.

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