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Keep Your Smile after Tooth Removals with Immediate Dentures in Ottawa

Whether you need all or some of your teeth removed, you don’t need to feel like you have gaps in your smile. Getting immediate dentures can help you maintain a smile full of teeth right after any tooth extractions. At Vranjes Denture Clinic, we have a team of skilled professionals who can install immediate dentures in Ottawa.


What Is an Immediate Denture?

This type of denture can be temporary or permanent and partial or complete. Once inserted into the gum on the same day at the time of extraction, the gum will start to heal around it. After the gum has fully healed, the denture will usually need to be relined or be replaced with a permanent denture.



Benefits of Immediate Dentures

The benefit of this type of denture is not only that it can maintain your smile, but that it can also allow you to start getting used to the idea of dealing with a denture for a long time. That way, you can learn how to establish proper speech patterns while adjusting to the feeling of a denture.

Another benefit of these appliances is they retain the shape, color, and arrangement of your natural teeth. The extraction site stays protected and excessive bleeding is prevented. You don’t have to fear any facial distortion as observed in some cases of tooth removal.



Difference Between Immediate and Regular Dentures

You can choose either immediate or regular dentures based on your needs. They are made with the same type of material and are created using a mold of your mouth. However, a few differences can be observed as follows:

  1. The molds for regular dentures are placed in mouth only after the extraction site has healed. Immediate dentures, on the other hand, are inserted right after tooth removal.
  2. Regular dentures are comparatively more time consuming than immediate ones. This procedure takes time for healing and the making of molds. Also, if you face issues with the fitting, you will have to wait for the dentures to be remade.

  3. Immediate dentures are costlier than regular ones. They require multiple follow-ups as you will need to tighten or loosen them, for a comfortable fit over the healing gums.

Process for Immediate Dentures

We understand this process is sometimes painful but you don’t need to worry as our experienced denturists offer comfortable denture care.

The preparations for immediate dentures begin before the teeth are extracted. The first step includes taking impressions of your teeth before they are removed. Post extraction, these dentures are then inserted in your mouth. Initial swelling in your gums and bones are natural but these go away with time.

You must carefully implement all postoperative instructions and regularly follow-up with your dentist.



Book an Appointment Today

If you have a periodontal disease or had a tooth removed, speak to our denturist today! Vranjes Denture Clinic is always ready to assist with partial, regular, or immediate dentures in Ottawa.

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