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Cosmetic Dentures in Ottawa

Teeth are essential for more than chewing. Teeth allow you to speak clearly and support the structure of your face. If disease or other occurrences have caused tooth loss, you'll not only notice a difference in these areas, but you may also suffer a loss of confidence in your appearance. There are several ways to address tooth loss. Some patients may only need a bridge to fill in a gap, while others want more stability with denture implants or other denture options. Dentures are effective in improving the functionality of your teeth and your facial structure. If you’re having issues with missing teeth, count on Vranjes Denture Clinic for cosmetic dentures in Ottawa. Ottawa's Vranjes Denture Clinic focuses on providing dentures for patients with missing teeth. Given the different types of dentures available, our denturists can match you with the style that works best for you.

Explore Your Options for Dentures

There are many reasons people lose their teeth. Some lose teeth as a result of an accident, having had the tooth knocked out. Others may have had serious dental decay that caused teeth to fall out. Sometimes certain illnesses or medications contribute to tooth decay that leads to tooth loss. Regardless of the reason, if you have had all or part of your teeth removed, you have several options for dentures at Vranjes Denture Clinic. Ottawa residents look to us for high-quality, comfortable and fitting denture options. Dentures can last for a long time if properly taken care of, often only needing replacement every five to 10 years. At Vranjes Denture Clinic, we're happy to provide a variety of dentures options at our denture clinic. We invite you to learn more about each option below:

If you need to have all of the teeth removed on one or both of your arches, then dentures on dental implants (or denture implants) may be for you. A titanium screw — also considered to be the implant — will be inserted into the bone where the missing tooth is located. Once that has happened, a denture will be attached to the screw, allowing you to have denture stability. Learn more...

For those patients who don’t prefer implants, conventional dentures are an excellent option. Additionally, to make matters easier with lower dentures, we offer two products at an additional cost: soft lining and the Myoloc™ System by Winder Research. Learn more...

If you're only missing a portion of your teeth, the ideal treatment for you may be partial dentures. The two types we offer are cast partials and acrylic ("plastic") partials. Learn more...

Talk to a Denturist to Learn if Dentures are Right for You

With the denture options available, you may be feeling overwhelmed about which type would work best for you. You may even wonder if dentures are right for you at all. For example, some individuals who have lost only one or a few teeth may only opt for dental implants, which provide a stable, artificial tooth root for a dental crown. But for others, tooth loss means dentures are necessary to ensure the right look and function for their smile. At Vranjes Denture Clinic, we can help you determine if dentures are right to address your tooth loss. If dentures are what you need, we can figure out what type will work best for you.

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