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Learn about Partial Dentures in Ottawa

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Partial dentures are an ideal treatment for patients missing some, but not all teeth on one or both ridges varies, depending on the number and location of missing teeth. Two of the most common kinds of partial dentures in Ottawa we offer at Vranjes Denture Clinic are cast partials and acrylic (“plastic”) partials. In many cases, implants can be incorporated to increase stability and eliminate the need to clasp natural teeth. As we offer several options, we recommend that you come in and see one of our Vranjes denturists in Ottawa for a free consultation. 

Find out which solution would work best for you:

Cast Metal Partial Dentures

Cast metal partial dentures are the preferred partial denture method available at Vranjes Denture Clinic. A cast metal partial denture is made up of a durable metal framework for the purpose of retention. The add-ons to the framework include tissue colored acrylic as well as the dentures themselves. There are a number of benefits including easy adjustability, functionality and the prevention of natural teeth shifting. Their minimal thickness provide a more comfortable fit. Our cast metal partial dentures in Ottawa require minimal chair time and provide the results you desire! Learn more about cast metal partial dentures by contacting the denturists at Vranjes Denture Clinic.

Acrylic Partial Dentures

PAn acrylic partial denture is made up of a gum-colored plastic with the denture teeth and tooth clasps embedded into its base. Plastic partials are often less comfortable and less stable when compared to cast metal partial dentures. Therefore, plastic partials are typically made as a temporary solution for when teeth have recently been extracted or ahead of an upcoming extraction. At Vranjes Denture Clinic, we provide them for esthetic reasons and to allow limited function while the tissue heals. After the gum heals, a permanently cast partial is fabricated to ensure the continuing health and stability of your remaining teeth.

Getting Used to Your Partial Dentures
Partial dentures take some getting used to. Even those who have worn partial dentures before usually need time to adjust to replacement partials. For the most part, getting used to your partial dentures depends on the following:

  • Experience – if you have worn partial dentures before, adjustment time may be minimal especially if your replacement is similar in design to your previous partial
  • Age – older patients tend to adapt more slowly than younger patients to changes in their mouth
  • The number of teeth being replaced – the more teeth in the denture partial, the bigger it is which in turn can make it more uncomfortable and harder to adjust to

To learn more about partial dentures, contact Vranjes Denture Clinic. We can talk about the types of partial dentures available and which ones may be right for your dental health needs.
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