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Why Should You Consider Our Dental Implants in Ottawa?

At Vranjes Denture Clinic, we now offer several options for people who either have or need to have all their teeth removed on one or both of their arches. Thanks to advancements in implantology, several treatment options now exist that give patients more stability and function than conventional dentures. Dental implants in Ottawa are especially helpful for lower dentures’ stability, as most people tend to have much more difficulty with a complete lower denture than with a complete upper denture. A dental implant can secure the lower denture in place, allowing you to freely chew, bite and speak without hindrance.

What is an Implant?

An implant essentially acts as a root. A titanium screw is inserted into the bone at the site of your missing tooth, and the bone actually fuses around the screw. The screw is what we call the implant. A denture is snapped onto or fixed to the implant, offering patient more dentures stability than possible without implant.

Option #1 – All on 4

The most recent innovation to dentures on dental implants in Ottawa is the fixed denture: you can now have remaining teeth extracted on either the upper or the lower arch (if necessary) and have 4 implants plus a fixed temporary denture placed all in the same day! After 3 to 6 months, when the implants have “osseointegrated,” or fused with the jawbone, a permanent fixed denture will be fabricated on a milled titanium bar (included in original price).


●  You go home with security and a sense of having your own teeth

●  No more waiting. The 3-month healing period virtually vanishes now, as the implants can

    be put to use immediately

●  Having fixed dentures helps maintain existing natural bone and minimizes further loss,

    since bone stimulation occurs

●  If you’re already wearing complete dentures (especially complete upper dentures), fixed

    dentures will help restore taste sensation

●  This option allows for maximum denture stability


●  Cost

●  Fixed denture will be slightly harder to clean than a removable one

Option #2 – Fixed Denture on a Milled Titanium Bar

With this treatment option, the implants are placed but not loaded with a denture right away and usually buried. In the meantime, you’ll wear a transitional removable denture while the bone heals around the implants. When we feel that your dental implants in Ottawa are ready to be loaded (usually within 3-6 months), the fixed dentures will then be fabricated using a milled titanium bar as the framework. This procedure can be done on 4, 5 or 6 implants – your Vranjes Denture Clinic denturist will discuss this choice with you.


●  You’ll maintain your existing natural bone and minimize further bone loss due to bone


●  You’ll maintain your taste sensation (with final product)

●  You’ll experience maximum denture stability


●  Fixed dentures are more difficult to clean than removable dentures on implants

●  Patients often experience difficulty with transitional denture during the healing period.

    They feel discouraged when the implants are not helping to stabilize the denture

●  This option is more expensive than removable dentures on implants

Option #3 – Removable Implant on Locator Abutments

This choice is the most affordable implant solution and the easiest to clean. It involves a minimum of 2 implants on the lower arch and 4 on the upper ridges and is especially helpful in securing lower dentures without incurring the costs of options 1 or 2. With this option, your dental implants in Ottawa are placed and the existing denture or a transitional denture is adapted to fit over the healing cap (or in some instance the locator abutment, giving it added stability) until the implants are ready to be loaded (usually 3 months).

A McGill study in 2000 concluded that the minimum standard of care for an edentulous patient should be a complete upper and a complete lower denture on two implants.


●  This is the least expensive implant solution

●  These dentures are easier to clean than fixed implant dentures

●  You’ll enjoy a much better fit and stability when compared with conventional dentures

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